The Grace Diet


After suffering from blinding migraines (rendering him prostrate in his bedroom) Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. knew that something had to change. From the words of the philosopher Hippocrates came the first clue: “Make your nourishment your cure”. Carlos developed a diet based on three concepts:

1. Not poisoning the body

2. Taking care of it

3. Respecting, in one meal, the adequate chemical combination of different types of food.

Hungering for knowledge, Master Carlos came to read more and more on the subject and over the years he compiled what he learned, developing would be consecrated as the Gracie Diet. He left the health problems behind and the weakly youth turned into an athletic adult.

He also noticed, just like a farmer who controls the soil’s PH before planting the seeds, that the blood’s PH is a key element during the digestive process and that it must be kept neutral, which helps the transformation of the food. He observed, then, that a certain combination of foods kept the blood neutral, as opposed to some mixtures that made it acid or alkaline.

He brought all his study together and created the eating method known as the Gracie Diet, which went through careful research and was developed throughout the years, consuming most of the last 50 years of his life.

Gracie Diet Food basket.jpeg
Carlos Gracie

The tables below are the core of the Gracie method for a nourishing diet. By following the different combinations of the food groups in the tables, you are able to keep meals as neutral as possible. As a result, you will balance out the pH levels in your body, which will improve digestion, as well as prevent and combat illness.

gracie diet food groups.jpg